Volunteer for Demand Democracy Day - Saturday 30th June

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We need to make Demand Democracy Day huge, with action taking place right across the UK. We have plenty of supporters who will be happy to get involved - but first we need volunteers to run a street stall for a couple of hours in their local area, so we can invite all our supporters to join these local actions. If you're committed to winning fair votes and have one or two hours to spare, sign up below.

How to get involved

1. Let us know you want to take part. Click the button to let us know where and when you would like to hold a stall.

2. We'll agree a time and location of your stall with you. We may join you up with another nearby stall if there are several in your area.

3. We'll add your stall to our map of Demand Democracy Day events and invite all our local contacts. You won't have to do this alone!

4. We'll post materials to you. Including guidance, leaflets, badges, placards and petition sign-up sheets.

5. Action Day. We'll take action for Proportional Representation on Demand Democracy Day!

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Use the map to find the closest street stall to your location to help out on the day.

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