The Alliance: pro PR groups and public figures

Millions of people want their votes to matter - they believe that the share of seats a party gets should closely reflect the share of votes they get. Many organisations and public figures agree and support the movement for equal votes, including those below. If you would like to join them, sign the Make Votes Matter Declaration. Know an organisation or celeb who might like to sign? Invite them and let us know.

Our 2016 Alliance Building Conference in Westminster kick-started a cross-party movement for real democracy. The Make Votes Matter Alliance now meets quarterly to coordinate action to bring in Proportional Representation for the House of Commons.

If an organisation has endorsed the Make Votes Matter Declaration then members of that group may not be shown as individual signatories - their individual signatures are covered by the organisational one.

If your organisation would like to join the campaign please sign our Declaration and tick "I am authorised to sign the Declaration on behalf of the organisation above." 

 Delegates at the latter part of the PR Alliance Building Conference.  Photo: Nick Hooper

Delegates at the latter part of the PR Alliance Building Conference. Photo: Nick Hooper