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Make Votes Matter is made up of hundreds of thousands of supporters of electoral reform. Major decisions - including the choice of our name - are made democratically by the campaign as a whole. The work of the movement is driven by volunteer activists, including a core organising team of about 30 people. A few of us are shown below. You can find us all in our Facebook group.

     Twitter:  @OwenWntr

 Twitter: @OwenWntr

Owen Winter, Spokesperson

Owen was elected as a Member of the UK Youth Parliament for Cornwall in February 2015. He became involved with the electoral reform movement when he started a petition for a fairer voting system around the time of the 2015 general election. This petition has received almost 300,000 signatures and was handed to David Cameron as part of the half-million strong collection of signatures after the election.

Owen co-founded Make Votes Matter and is the group's official spokesperson. When he's not 'Making Votes Matter', Owen is usually revising for exams. Since starting his petition, Owen has sat GCSEs, AS Levels and A-levels. He now studies History and Politics at Jesus College, Oxford.


Joe Sousek

Joe is a facilitator for Make Votes Matter and leads on the development of local groups across the country, online communications, aspects of social media and specific campaign initiatives. He is also on the executive of the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform.

Joe worked as a civil servant for seven years, mostly in Whitehall, before leaving government to campaign for real democracy.

 Twitter:  @klinaj

Twitter: @klinaj

Klina Jordan 

Klina co-founded and facilitates Make Votes Matter. As a lifelong activist, Klina's focus is always on meliorism. She has diverse expertise from a 20 year career including events, marketing, business development, management and sustainable enterprise. Klina leads on building the Alliance, which includes 5 parliamentary parties, the Shadow Chancellor and many Labour MPs, organisations and celebrities. She is also responsible for events, press, general management and quality control.

Klina focuses on electoral reform because she believes that without PR we won't be able to take the environmental and social action that is so necessary. She believes that we need real democracy, and to get it we need to work together. She has also started a Global Alliance for Real Democracy, uniting national movements for PR and better democracy.

 Twitter:  @timivorson

Twitter: @timivorson

Tim Ivorson

Tim joined the Make Votes Matter Core to research voting systems. He also helps with other research, proof-reading, number crunching, emailing and some graphic design. 

Tim has worked in the technology industry for a decade, including eight years in scientific instrument manufacturing. In industry, he has assembled, repaired and tested products, programmed computers, maintained technical documentation and trained scientists in the use of vacuum technology. He was once responsible for sweeping up gold dust. 

Tim has been campaigning for democracy since the 2010 general election. He has served on the committees of Make Votes Count In West Sussex and East Grinstead and District Athletic Club. He is planning an autonomous local Make Votes Matter group somewhere between London and the South Coast.

Patrick Herring

Patrick started on this path by joining the Yes2AV campaign a few months before the referendum, suddenly feeling it was important and that he could hand out leaflets on a street corner as much as anyone else. That was his first experience of the inner workings of political campaigns. Suffice it to say a great deal was seen and learnt, not least from the behaviour of No2AV. After that he set up a Facebook page (Not In Our Name UK) to make a national petition, but learnt even more about what political success needs. Being active on various online forums led to him becoming involved in Make Votes Matter, which he feels is much more like it! He contents himself with a mostly geeky contribution so far. His general motivation is a conviction that truthfulness and clarity will change the world for the better, most effectively in the electoral system.

Jack Carrington

Budding accountant, democracy activist and general Good Egg. A founding member of Make Votes Matter, has acted as a treasurer and researcher for the group. Jack also sits on the steering group of Sheffield for Democracy, and contributes to other voluntary projects when he can.

Has a particular interest in building support for electoral reform in all parts of the political spectrum.

Flo Lewis.jpg

Flo Lewis

Flo is passionate about building a real democracy and was nominated for the Activist Initiative Award in the 2016 Make Votes Matter Democracy Awards, for her invaluable work volunteering at MVM HQ.

She is an experienced, positive and effective campaigner and has made waves in her role as Chairman at LGBT* in UKIP. She works to link up the Make Votes Matter campaign for Proportional Representation with key figures in UKIP, helping to advance the campaign for real democracy in the UK.

And many more...

Our core organising team is made up of about thirty volunteer activists, doing everything from event planning, to admin, to video production. Get in touch letting us know what you have to offer if you would like to be involved.