Support for activists

Throughout history, real democratic and social progress has only been made possible by ordinary people organising and taking action - whether the cause be civil rights, fair electoral processes, universal suffrage or labour rights. Moving to Proportional Representation would be a change of similar character, shifting power from the few to the many.

We believe the way to secure PR is for a grassroots movement, pushing for change from the bottom-up, to work in partnership with an Alliance of politicians and leaders, who in turn will use their profile to call for and ultimately enact reform. The grassroots movement has a vital role to play in building public understanding, demonstrating public support, persuading leaders to support and actively campaign for fair votes, and holding those leaders to their word when the opportunity to fix our democracy arises.

By being a part of a local campaign group, you will be playing an important role in the biggest improvement to our democracy since women won the vote. It’s exciting, rewarding, and - with so many of our political problems arising from our broken democracy - could make all the difference in the UK; making it a better, more equal, more cordial place for everyone to live.

What you can do

Perhaps the most valuable single thing you can do to help us win a fair voting system is to join or organise a meeting in your local area. Changing our electoral system sometimes seems to be an impossible mountain to climb, but when you get together with other people in your community you will find that an amazing number of people care passionately about democracy. This gives all of us hope. Out of hope will come action, and out of action will come success.

You do not need to be an experienced activist, an electoral reform expert or a natural leader to organise a first meeting. Make Votes Matter can help every step of the way - we will even come and speak at your meeting if you'd like us to. Nor do you have to start from scratch. With a growing number of people campaigning for Proportional Representation up and down the country, we've assembled the Local Group Toolkit, based on the wisdom and experiences of activists working in the field.

The Toolkit is an step-by-step instruction manual for those who need one, and a wealth of inspiration and ideas for those who don't. We're currently circulating the current version around our existing local groups for feedback and improvement. If you're interested in campaigning for real democracy where you live, let us know and we'll share the Toolkit with you, so you can learn from it and we can learn from your feedback. You can also check out our resources for activists page. If you are looking to get hold of Make Votes Matter branded merchandise please visit our online shop.