Proportional Representation

Make Votes Matter is the cross-party campaign to introduce Proportional Representation to the House of Commons by 2021, led by democratically-organised activists in a united movement for electoral reform.

"We should change our voting system to one that is proportional, representative and gives all sections of society a vote that matters"

Owen Winter MYP, Spokesperson for Make Votes Matter, December 2015

Democracy in the UK has long been flawed but now is in crisis. Following the most disproportionate General Election result in British history in May 2015, we have a Conservative Government with absolute power despite only commanding the support of 37% of those who voted. Meanwhile, UKIP, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party received 24% of votes but only 10 MPs (1.6% of seats in parliament). One party needed only 23,000 votes per MP, whilst another needed almost four million.

The reason for this skewed result is our current electoral system, First Past the Post (FPTP). Britain's outdated voting system is not compatible with our multi-party democracy. We want all of the voices in society to be heard and for all votes to matter equally. We want Proportional Representation (PR).

There are several tried-and-tested forms of PR, used in some of the most successful democracies in the world including Scotland, Wales, London and Northern Ireland. Make Votes Matter does not promote a particular system at present, but works to find an inclusive, democratic means by which the most suitable proportional system for the UK can be selected and implemented.

2015 General Election: How we voted VS What we got