The path to Proportional Representation

Polls consistently find that most people support PR, but by definition every government with the power to change the system has benefited from the distorting effects of First Past the Post.

Our approach to securing change is twofold:

We're building a grassroots movement to press politicians for a fair, proportional voting system. This is made up of local groups campaigning for fair votes across the UK, demonstrations like #SaveOurDemocracy on Saturday 24th June 2017, and lobbying and letter writing campaigns.

At the same time, we're building the Make Votes Matter Alliance of pro-reform parties, organisations and individuals, at a leadership level - to work together on this single issue campaign to get rid of the outdated and unfair First Past the Post system.

See below for some of the early milestones of our campaign, or see our blog for the latest news.