Nominate your favourite democracy champions for the 2018 Make Votes Matter Democracy Awards!

Official nominations are now open for the 2018 Make Votes Matter Democracy Awards - hosted by Tommy Sheppard MP.

You can nominate as many or as few groups and/or people as you like. Who has done the most to bring in PR lately? Who has worked tirelessly for real democracy? You can even nominate yourself! Whatever you do, make sure you submit your nominations by by midnight, Monday 3rd December. We will then put those with the most nominations to a vote to determine who the winner/s will be.

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The winners will be presented at the Democracy Awards on 11th December in Parliament, directly after the People's Lobby for Proportional Representation. Free tickets are available to those attending the lobby on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you haven't yet signed up for the People's Lobby for PR you can do so here.

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