Demand Democracy Day

Without a hint of irony, the government has declared the first week of July to be National Democracy WeekThis week-long "celebration" of the state of British democracy comes as they refuse to even consider a fair voting system. Don't let them get away with it...

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Demand Democracy Day Saturday 30th June

Demand Democracy Day is a national day of action to call for Proportional Representation.

At this stage, we're looking for people we can work with to organise street stalls on the day in every part of the UK. 

We'll be hitting the streets across the country to talk to the public, call out the government's "celebration", sign people up to our petition, and demand that our politicians support fair votes. 

Don't worry if you've never done this before - we can give you guidance, make sure you have other volunteers to help, and provide you with all the materials you need free of charge. All you need is an hour or two on the day to get involved. So let's make this big!

Torn between the NHS at 70 and Demand Democracy Day on 30th June? You can do both! Join the Make Votes Matter contingent at the NHS March.

What happens next?

In the coming weeks, we'll invite all our supporters to get involved in Demand Democracy Day - whether it's helping out at your local street stall, hijacking the government's hashtags on social media, or writing to your MP.

Join the movement so we can let you know what's going on in your local area.

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