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The movement for Proportional Representation

The First Past the Post system used to elect MPs is broken. Parliament does not reflect how people voted and millions of people feel locked out of the political system.

Make Votes Matter believes that seats in Parliament should match how people voted. We believe that every vote should count, regardless of where you live or how you vote. Join the movement for Proportional Representation so we can win democracy in the UK.

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The Case for Proportional Representation

The vast majority of modern democracies use systems of Proportional Representation and the evidence shows that they perform better in many ways as a result.

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The Make Votes Matter Alliance

Organisations, individuals and political parties from across the political spectrum are part of the Make Votes Matter Alliance, working together to win real democracy.

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Get Involved

Make Votes Matter relies on thousands of volunteers and supporters taking action. With your help we can win real democracy for the UK.

Lobby your MP

We want to meet every MP in the country to show them that we care about democracy. We can help you set up a meeting with your MP with activists near you.

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Join the movement

Sign up for updates on our campaign and get involved. Be the first to hear about our events, news and research and take action to win real democracy.

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Make Votes Matter is a single-issue campaign for Proportional Representation in the House of Commons and encourages all parties, candidates and MPs to support PR. It does not endorse any party or candidates and takes no position on other political issues.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter and be part of the movement to win Proportional Representation!