National Democracy Week

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"National Democracy Week", from the 2nd to 8th July, has been called by the Government as an inaugural celebration of the state of British democracy. Here at Make Votes Matter we are less interested in celebrating British democracy and more interested in improving it, so we're challenging the Government narrative surrounding "National Democracy Week". If you feel like us, sign our petition.

We believe that Britain's democracy is broken because the voting system we use to elect our MPs - First Past the Post (FPTP) - is not fit for purpose. FPTP distorts how people vote and leaves millions unrepresented. You can find out more about what's wrong with FPTP here.

We had a national day of action on Saturday 30th June - Demand Democracy Day - two days before "National Democracy Week" with over 60 street stalls around the country. Rather than celebrating the semblance of a democracy that we have, we are pushing for real democracy based upon Proportional Representation. Before, during and after National Democracy Week we are asking supporters to sign our petition calling on MPs to support the introduction of Proportional Representation to the House of Commons.

Proportional Representation (PR) simply means that seats in Parliament match how the people have voted. PR is used by the vast majority of developed democracies and means that all voters are represented. Find out more about the case for PR here.

How we are challenging National Democracy Week.

1. Petition. National Democracy Week is the perfect time to sign our petition, calling for the introduction of PR.

2. Demand Democracy Day. On 30th June there were 60+ stalls from Scotland to Cornwall! Check out the map below.

3. Local events taking place throughout the week. Those who couldn't take part on the 30th are organising events during the week.

4. Social media takeover. We are hijacking the Government's hashtag #TalkDemocracy! Get involved.

5. Co-ordinating the Alliance. We're working with key figures in the Alliance to challenge the Government narrative in national media.


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