Meet your MP

2018 marks 100 years since (some) women won the vote, but most people still don't have a vote that matters. This centenary year, we need to create a tidal wave of public pressure for Proportional Representation. To make this happen, we need your help!

Step 1: Ask your MP for a meeting

Enter your postcode to write to your MP today, asking them to meet with you and fellow constituents to discuss PR. Using your own words, you might want to say the following:

First Past the Post is not fit for purpose. I believe we need Proportional Representation for general elections.

Please let me know when I and a group of constituents can have an appointment to meet with you to discuss this issue.

Under the current system you are our only representative in Parliament, so I hope you will agree to hear our concerns.

Step 2: Let us know when and where... we'll invite other constituents

If your MP agrees to a meeting, contact us to let us know the date, time and place and we'll invite all our supporters from your constituency to attend the meeting. 

If your MP refuses to meet with you, contact us to let us know and we will suggest how to follow up.

Step 3: Meet your MP, then write to the local press about it

Attend the meeting together with other constituents and tell your MP why we need Proportional Representation. Our handy one-page briefing suggests some points you might like to make and some follow-up actions you can ask them to commit to.

Finally - and crucially - write to the local press to tell them what happens. Whatever the outcome of the meeting, we can send you a suitable press release; all you need to do is fill in the details and send it to local outlets. Local newspapers and online media like to cover these issues and getting your story in the press can multiply the effects of the meeting itself.

If your MP is convinced or open to discussion, that's worth reporting. But even if your MP dismisses your concerns or refuses to meet, it's still a valuable press story. Your MP has a duty to represent you. If they refuse to listen to your concerns, the community needs to know!

That's all there is to it! It's a simple plan, but by taking these three steps you will be helping us send the loudest call to Parliament yet that the time for Proportional Representation has come. Please contact your MP today about having a meeting!

Support & tips

You won't have to do this alone: we have supporters in every constituency in the country and can invite people from your area as soon as you have a meeting with your MP confirmed. If someone else in your constituency secures a meeting, we'll invite you too. Make sure you are signed up to our mailing list and have let us know which constituency you live in.

We can support you every step of the way: from providing a briefing, to talking through any concerns you have on the phone. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to chat.

We need to reach every MP. Whether your MP is a passionate advocate of PR, or a staunch supporter of FPTP. We can only create this tidal wave of demand if this happens everywhere, and it can only happen everywhere if it happens where you live.

Every outcome works in our favour. If your MP dismisses your concerns or even refuses to meet you, this is still a valuable outcome. Your MP has a duty to represent you. If they're not doing their job, it's time to write to the local press.