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Labour for PR workshop

  • St. George's Works, 51 Colegate, Norwich, NR3 1DD (map)

Labour for Proportional Representation Workshop

Make Votes Matter and the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform are holding this special event for Labour or trade union members in East Anglia who support electoral reform.

Most Labour voters and members want Proportional Representation for general elections - but to make this Labour Party policy we need to raise the issue within our Constituency Labour Parties and trade union branches, send motions to conference, and build support across the Labour movement.

Join us in Norwich to learn how to advocate Proportional Representation within the Labour Party and trade unions. Facilitated by MVM’s Joe Sousek and LCER’s Maria Iacovou, this session will cover:

  • The route to change: how members can change Labour and unions’ policies on electoral reform.

  • How to speak to the Labour movement about PR: majority of the event will be a workshop on how to advocate electoral reform, which arguments to use, and responses to commons myths and questions.

  • How we move forwards: planning what actions each of us can and will take in our branches - and an invitation to join our growing team of speakers who are offered to local Labour meetings across East Anglia and beyond.

Please note that this event is specifically for Labour or trade union members who believe we need to abolish First Past the Post. If that’s you, register below!

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