• Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London

Join us outside Parliament for this national demonstration and action summit to demand and plan the end of our rigged, undemocratic voting system.

Until everyone has a vote that counts, until seats match votes, and until governments represent the majority instead of a minority, the UK cannot be said to have real democracy.

Yet First Past the Post denies all of three of these things. In 2015, 74% of votes did not count; seats in parliament did not even vaguely reflect the votes; and a majority government was handed total power on 37% of the vote. We need Proportional Representation!

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This gathering will be a major demonstration to demand fair votes - with high profile speakers from across the political spectrum. It will also be an action summit - bringing together people from across the UK to form a concrete plan to make 2017 the last General Election held under a broken system; to #SaveOurDemocracy.

Like all of our demonstrations, this will be a positive, family-friendly event. We want this to be the biggest rally for democracy the UK has seen since women won the vote - so please invite everyone you know!