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Join us as we descend on Westminster to demand fair votes!

On Tuesday 11th December, the movement for Proportional Representation will lobby Parliament, calling on our MPs to back fair votes. Co-hosted by cross-party MPs, this will be an opportunity to push electoral reform to the top of the political agenda.

+ What is a parliamentary lobby?

Everyone has the right to see their local MP in Parliament to talk to them about issues particularly important to them. A lobby day is when hundreds of people do this all at the same time. On 11th December, we're telling our MPs we want Proportional Representation!

+ Why should I lobby my MP?

To win Proportional Representation, we need to show politicians and the media just how much demand there is for it. If your MP changes their mind at the lobby - great! But even if they don't, the effect of hundreds of people showing up will be felt throughout British politics. Plus, it's going to be a fun day!

+ Why now?

Brexit demonstrates, two years on from the EU referendum, the extreme polarisation and fractious debate within our communities and politics. Such division ultimately fails to serve the UK’s best interests - for that we need a truly representative Parliament. We must seize this unique and unusual opportunity to lobby our MPs for Proportional Representation - the time is now!

Creating a better society for British people, in which genuinely representative, informed and deliberative democracy can thrive, is at the heart of the campaign to win Proportional Representation. The People’s Lobby can, amidst the noise of Brexit, get to the root issue: our democracy is broken.

+ How does this fit with the wider strategy?

We're making real progress towards winning fair votes. We're building consensus among the pro-PR parties, MPs and organisations in the MVM Alliance and bringing them together to campaign for electoral reform. Crucially, the Labour Party is turning around on this issue, with dozens of local branches and MPs calling for a change of policy.

But these calls for PR will not be accepted at the highest levels of British politics unless they are supported by active, widespread demands from the public. By participating in the People's Lobby for PR, you will be bringing these demands to life and making it possible for us to win fair votes within years, not decades.

+ What will happen on the day?

We have a full afternoon of activities planned around the lobby. We will meet for briefings and opening presentations from prominent Allies at our nearby venue: St James the Less church. We will then go into Parliament in groups for meetings with our MPs.

Organisers will be on hand to guide you through the day - and to make sure no one has to meet their MP on your own if they don't want to.

You will be looked after with plenty of refreshments throughout the afternoon. In the evening free tickets will be available for the Democracy Awards celebration - hosted by Tommy Sheppard MP - in Parliament.

+ How do I sign up?

Just click the button above to sign up to attend the lobby! We'll then be in touch with guidance about how to pre-arrange a meeting with your MP and other plans for the day.

+ How do I get there?

Most people will book their own travel to attend the People's Lobby. Alongside trains to London terminals, National Express and Megabus are budget options which arrive at Victoria Coach Station, under 15 minutes walk from St James the Less.

We don't want anyone to be excluded because of the costs of travel from where they live. If you're keen to come but just can't afford the journey, tick the box saying so in the sign up form and we may be able to help organise a lift share or other assistance.

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