The Labour Party campaign for PR

You may be wondering why we have a section just for Labour on our website. The reason is that converting Labour to support PR is key to the campaign's success. All the other parties aside from the Tories are already part of the PR Alliance, so we don't need concerted campaigns to convince them of the case. We are developing a campaign to encourage Tories to support PR and will be adding a Tory section to the site in due course.

We teamed up with the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform to deliver "the biggest gathering of Labour MPs in support of PR for a generation" at Conference, with MPs from across Labour's political spectrum uniting to call for PR. There's now a once in a generation opportunity for the Labour Party to support the introduction of Proportional Representation to the House of Commons. 

This can only happen if ordinary Labour Party members, Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and affiliated organisations show their democratic support for adoption of PR as policy. Everyone has a role to play - and we're here to help. 

What can I do?

  1. Vote for the motion for PR on Labour Policy Forum, the Party's online policy development tool. This is already the most-voted for motion on the site. Log in using your party membership number and add your support! (Note: users have previously reported difficulty registering with the predecessor to this website - we hope the newly revamped site will work better, but let us know if not.)

  2. Invite an expert speaker to your Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meeting to talk about PR. Get in touch with us, talk to a member of your CLP executive, and we can identify a speaker and fix up a date. This is a great way to start the discussion within your local party. We can provide speakers from Make Votes Matter, or suggest speakers from the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, the Electoral Reform Society, Compass, and other democracy organisations. 

  3. Submit a motion calling on Labour to adopt PR as policy through your CLP. We need as many CLPs as possible to show their support for proportional representation to place it firmly on the agenda by the time of next year's conference. If you've already done this, get in touch and let us know about it!

Want to get in touch with the Labour activists leading this campaign? Send them an email.

The campaign so far...

  • The amazing Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform has been making the case for Proportional Representation within the Labour Party for years - playing an instrumental role in securing use of the Alternative Member System in Scotland, Wales and London as part of the then-Labour government's devolution deal. They are now re-launching to push for PR in Westminister and wider democratic reforms.
  • In February 2016 Labour MPs Jonathan Reynolds, Stephen Kinnock and Chuka Umunna attended the Alliance Building Conference organised by Make Votes Matter and laid plans for cross-party cooperation to push for a proportional voting system in Westminster, sharing a platform with MPs, leaders and representatives of seven political parties.
  • In May, 10,000 people - including seven Labour MPs and over 2,000 members of the Labour Party - signed an open letter to Jeremy Corbyn calling on him to consider backing PR. In the same month, John McDonnell - Shadow Chancellor and close ally of the Labour Leader - signed our Declaration and came out in support of the campaign for PR.
  • During this summer's leadership contest, Jeremy Corbyn reiterated his openness to a system of Proportional Representation that maintains the constituency link.
  • On 27th September at the Labour Party Conference,  Make Votes Matter and the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform organised the biggest gathering of Labour MPs in support of PR for a generation, and kick-started a campaign to put proposals for electoral reform to the party membership - through CLP meetings, policy motions and, ultimately, debate at Party Conference. We invite you to be a part of this campaign!