How to vote on Your Britain

In order to vote on Your Britain, you need to first register. To do this, open visit Your Britain (click here) and click on the word "register" in the top right-hand corner of the screen:


A box will appear inviting you to register. Tick the check box next to where it says "I am a member of the Labour Party".


After you click the box, a new box will appear below asking you for your membership number. 

Enter your personal details and membership number into the boxes where requested and click "register". You will need to create a username and password of your choosing.


You can then click on "login" in the top right hand corner of the page and enter the username and password you created.


Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the motion and click the "Vote" button. You can find the motion again by clicking here.


You can then browse the policy motions on Your Britain and vote for or comment on any policy motions that you are interested in. Here are two other proposals about electoral reform that you may wish to support: