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Photo: Nick Hooper

Photo: Nick Hooper


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Hungry 4 Democracy: the case for PR - Molly Scott Cato MEP - BBC Spotlight South West

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All Major Parties - Labour Included - Have Been Tiptoeing Around Electoral Reform For Too Long - Huffington Post

Two Welsh MPs will not eat for a day to commemorate the women who won the vote - Wales Online

Letter: for Proportional Representation for elections - Rochdale Online

Hungry for democracy? These pro-PR campaigners certainly are - HITC

Campaigners promise 'this is just the start' of fight to change voting system - East London and West Essex Guardian Series  

Proportional representation campaigners to hold Penarth meeting - Glamorgan Gem

Sal Brinton writes: Hungry for Democracy? - Liberal Democrat Voice

Make Votes Matter establishes a local presence - Hastings Online Times

MP pulled out of political voting debate - Wiltshire Gazette and Herald

Electoral plea - Warrington Guardian

Opposing voting reform 'selfish' and 'immoral' - BBC

Caroline Lucas Schools Tory On What Churchill Thought Of Voting Reform - Huffington Post

Group lobbies Chichester MP over electoral reform - Chichester Observer

Brighton MP calls for Labour support ahead of Commons debate on proportional representation - Brighton and Hove News

UK parliament to debate replacing first-past-the-post with proportional representation - International Business Times UK

Debate on electoral reform to be held tonight - Gazette & Herald

Electoral reform campaigners to hold public meeting in Stroud - Stroud News and Journal

A plan is about to be unveiled at the Labour conference which could catapult Corbyn into Number 10 - The Canary

Scottish may be the key to UK electoral reform - On Elections

The left stands for the many – so we must embrace proportional representation - LabourList

Big names heading to pro-proportional representation Manchester rally - HITC

Interview with Owen Winter - co-founder and Spokesperson of Make Votes Matter - Ryan Hillback

Ditching first-past-the-post really would be ‘taking back control’ - Guardian

The Next General Election Must Be About Voting Reform - Huffington Post

7 important legacies of the coalition government - HITC

Make Votes Matter campaign for voting reform gathers pace after election - Independent

Most voters backed parties to the left of the Tories - so why are the losers in power? - New Statesman

Election Notebook - Open Democracy UK

Electoral Reform is a feminist issue - Open Democracy 50.50

Heated hustings gives Bradford on Avon residents an insight into plans of prospective MPs - Wiltshire Times

Labour eyes proportional representation as party's elections minister backs voting shake-up - Independent

Let's talk about the UK's broken voting system - BuzzFeed

Teen behind electoral reform petition says votes are 'wasted' - RT UK

Head to Head: First Past The Post - Talk Politics

General election 2017: ‘This is the first time I can vote – and it will be wasted’ - i news

Democratic Rumbles in Richmond - Richmond and Twickenham Times

What the UK Greens can learn from the Dutch elections - New Statesman

The government may now be forced to debate one of the UK’s hottest topics - Canary

MPs set to debate changing Britain’s voting system to proportional representation - Independent

1,500 Cornish People Demand Proportional Voting System as Petition Hits 100,000 Nationwide - CornishStuff

MPs Will Now Debate Proportional Representation In Parliament - Here’s A Handy Set Of Prompts To Help Them Out - Huffington Post

Demand For Electoral Reform Going Strong As Petition Surges Towards 100,000 - Huffington Post

Chippenham campaigners look for political change - Gazette & Herald

Proportional representation must not be replaced - London Assembly

Tory and Labour MPs gang up in bid to strip London Assembly of PR voting system - Independent

We Asked Young UKIP Members How to Keep Their Party Relevant - Vice

MPs launch new push to change Britain's voting system to proportional representation - Independent

UKIP Backs Renewed Push for Proportional Representation Voting After Brexit Vote - Breitbart

Tory MP says boundary review will not fix Britain's broken voting system – and only PR will - Independent

Labour supporters queue around the block to hear about proportional representation - Independent

MPs reject bill to change Britain's voting system to proportional representation - Independent

MPs reject Caroline Lucas' proportional representation bill - Politics Home

The Current Meltdown in Our Political System Is a Symptom of Our Broken Voting System - Huffington Post

Nigel Farage calls for snap general election to be held under proportional representation - Independent

Cornwall's Owen is named as one to watch in national list of the "New Radicals" - West Briton

A Brexit Vote Would Put This Government on Thin Ice; Calling a Proportional General Election Would be Cameron’s Only Option - Huffington Post

Why won’t this minister reply to half a million people demanding electoral reform? - Left Foot Forward

Sal Brinton writes… My speech to the Demo for Democracy - Liberal Democrat Voice

Zeichner backs electoral reform - Varsity

John McDonnell calls on Labour to back proportional representation - Independent

There is an anti-Tory majority in Britain but we're struggling to hear it – is it time for electoral reform? - Independent

Labour MPs call on Jeremy Corbyn to back proportional representation in UK - Independent

Corbyn urged to get behind Westminster voting change - The National

We (Still) Want Proportional Representation! An Open Letter to John Penrose MP - Huffington Post

Our Voting System Isn’t Just Unfair - it’s Tearing Our Country Apart - Huffington Post

Golden opportunity to change - Dorset Echo

Social media and activism essential to reform outdated electoral system at national, local levels - Diane James website

SNP, Green Party and Plaid Cymru discuss voting alliance to defeat Tories - Independent

Cross-party support for PR - Tribune Magazine

Voting reform first stop Cambridge - Unlock Democracy

We need change, and this landmark event brings electoral reform a step closer - The Canary

Voting reform - all in it together - Unlock Democracy

Interview with Owen and Katie Ghose - BBC Radio Cornwall

Electoral reform conference kicks off cross-party push for PR - Electoral Reform Society

Voting System Deemed Unfair - The Wave

Diane James calls for Electoral Reform - UKIP website

MPs from seven parties unite to begin electoral reform campaign - Guardian

Labour MPs set to lead All-Party Parliamentary Group on Proportional Representation - Labour List

MPs join multi-party drive to promote PR - Guardian (print)

MPs and activists will seek to jump-start the campaign for proportional representation with a conference in London on Monday intended to mobilise support for electoral reform - HITC Politics

MPs from different parties have been making the case for electoral reform - Guardian Politics Live

Proportional Representation - Chuka Umunna website

We Need to Get Together to Deliver Electoral Reform - Huffington Post

Britain's political system will stay broken without proportional representation, Chuka Umunna warns - Independent

Russia Today 7pm News - Russia Today

Electoral reform: Labour, SNP, Ukip and Lib Dems to campaign for proportional representation - Independent

Leading figures from major parties unite to secure electoral reform by 2021 - Electoral Reform Society

Leading Figures from Major Parties Unite to Secure Electoral Reform by 2021 - Blue&Green Tomorrow

Cross-party alliance draws up plan to secure proportional representation 'by 2021' - Independent

A fair voting system is a human right - London rally - Peter Tatchell Foundation