Why are you Hungry for Democracy?

Tell us why you're #Hungry4Democracy below and we'll read out as many of the comments as we can on the livestream during the vigil in Parliament Square - we'll be there from 08:00 on Tuesday the 6th of February, 12 hours after we start the fast, until the end of the fast at 20:00 - when we're really hungry!

Are you doing the fast? How's it going? Why do you want Proportional Representation? What's wrong with First Past the Post?! Comments in support of those participating in the fast will be very welcome. Would you like us to read a (polite) message from you to your MP? Theresa May? Jeremy Corbyn? Whatever you say, remember to keep it respectful :)

You can also tweet messages @MakeVotesMatter with the hashtag #Hungry4Democracy.

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