Make Votes Matter

The cross-party campaign to introduce Proportional Representation to the House of Commons

After another disproportionate General Election, it's clear our primitive voting system is unfit for purpose. 

The number of votes needed to elect an MP varies dramatically from party to party. Votes across the country were incredibly unequal in value and 68% of votes were wasted. The new government, like the last, lacks the support of most voters. The undemocratic First Past the Post electoral system even fails at its main selling point; providing strong, stable majority government.

We now have a great opportunity to push for Proportional Representation - let's make the most of it! Every single one of us can take action and have an impact, by meeting our MP, joining a local group or donating to win real democracy - the time is now!

Seats in Parliament don’t match parties’ vote shares because we use the unrepresentative First Past the Post voting system, unlike the vast majority of developed nations; they use forms of Proportional Representation and if a party gets 10% of the vote they get roughly 10% of the seats. 

Decades of research from around the world shows that PR correlates with a huge range of positive outcomes; greater income equality, less corporate control, better long-term planning and political stability, fairer representation of women and minorities, higher voter turnout, better environmental laws and a significantly lower likelihood of going to war - in fact, First Past the Post is the single strongest predictor that a democracy will go to war.

There are many myths about PR - none hold up under scrutiny. No wonder that polls consistently show that the majority of the public want PR; the latest poll says 67% want to make seats match votes. They are joined by a growing Alliance of parties, MPs and public figures who want real democracy. 


Make Votes Matter is a single-issue campaign for Proportional Representation in the House of Commons and encourages all parties, candidates and MPs to support PR. It does not endorse any party or candidates and takes no position on other political issues.

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