Make Votes Matter

Make Votes Matter is the cross-party campaign to introduce Proportional Representation to the House of Commons, led by democratically-organised activists in a united movement for electoral reform. 

In May 2015 our broken electoral system resulted in the most disproportionate General Election in British history. The Conservatives won 37% of the votes but ended up with 51% of the seats in Parliament and 100% of the power. UKIP, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats won a quarter of the votes cast but ended up with just 1.5% of seats between them.  In fact, 74% of votes were wasted and did not contribute in any way to the final result - this is clearly not democratic. Join us to build a better democracy with a Proportional Representation voting system and Make Votes Matter!

Join the movement for Proportional Representation - the time is now!