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Let’s seize this opportunity

We need to act now to do everything we can to maximise the chances of winning Proportional Representation in the next Parliament. Check back here throughout the campaign to find out everything you can do to make this the last election under First Past the Post.

Ask your parliamentary candidates to #PledgeForPR

This general election could be the last to be held under First Past the Post. To help make that happen, please get in touch with your local candidates and ask them to take our #PledgeForPR - promising their support for fair votes.

Don’t forget to…

Submit a question to ITV’s head-to-head Leaders debate

The first televised Leaders’ debate takes place on Tuesday 19th November between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. ITV has invited viewers to submit questions for the host to ask. Please submit one on Proportional Representation!

Register to vote

Check that you, and those around you, are registered to vote by Tuesday 26th November 2019. You can register to vote online.

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