What are my candidates' views on Proportional Representation?

*This is a map of parliamentary candidates in the 2017 General Election. For a map of current MPs' positions on PR, click here*

The map below lists every candidate who stood to be an MP in the 2017 General Election. Coloured entries indicate that a candidate has given their personal view on PR. Where personal views are not known we have listed parties' promises on PR instead. 


Thanks to Democracy Club, the Electoral Reform Society and the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform for sharing data to make the map much fuller, to the many volunteers who've worked to fill in our gigantic spreadsheet, and to everyone who's tweeted, emailed or messaged their candidates! And thanks to the map master, Patrick, and to Tim for doing most of the work. By working together we will get real democracy! 

Party positions on PR.png

Support PR

Green Party (Manifesto summary)

"We will work to make Britain truly democratic by introducing proportional representation for parliamentary elections"

Liberal Democrats (Manifesto)

"Introduce the Single Transferable Vote [a form of PR]... for electing MPs across the UK."

Pirate Party (Manifesto)

"We intend to restart the national debate and push for a system of proportional representation to be implemented for all elections in the UK."

Plaid Cymru (Manifesto)

"We want to... reform the voting system so that it is more representative."

Scottish National Party (Constitution)

"We will continue to call for the first past the post voting system to be replaced with proportional representation, so that every vote and every part of the country counts."

UK Independence Party (Manifesto)

"A proportional electoral system that delivers a parliament representative of the number of votes cast, while retaining a constituency link, is one we strongly advocate."

Women's Equality Party (Statement)

"The Women's Equality Party [calls] for proportional representation, the best way to achieve equal representation for all... WE will fight to ensure the the UK... moves towards a more enlightened and fair system of representation."





Labour Party (Manifesto) 

"A Labour government will establish a Constitutional Convention to examine and advise on reforming of the way Britain works at a fundamental level. We will consult on its form and terms of reference and invite recommendations on extending democracy."


Oppose PR

Conservative Party (Manifesto)

"We will retain the first past the post system of voting for parliamentary elections and extend this system to police and crime commissioner and mayoral elections."