Demand Democracy Day

National day of action for Proportional Representation

On Saturday 6th July we’re holding a national action day for everyone in the UK who wants a Parliament that reflects the people. Read below to find out how to you can get involved.

+ What is Demand Democracy Day?

Demand Democracy Day is a day of mass action to show and build support for Proportional Representation in general elections.

All over the UK, people who want Parliament to reflect the voters will be running street stalls, talking to and signing up members of the public, and taking part in colourful photo calls to grab the attention of media and politicians.

+ Who can take part?


The day is designed so that no special skills or experience are required. Make Votes Matter will provide all the materials needed to take part and link local supporters up with each other - so no one will have to take part on their own.

+ How can I get involved?

We're inviting all our supporters to come and help out on the day at their nearest street stall. Check the map to see what's happening in your area and get in touch with the stall holder to volunteer.

+ How does this fit with the wider strategy?

We're making real progress towards winning PR - and the shambolic state of our politics is proving the need for reform.

As a result of the work of this movement, there's more consensus than ever among the pro-PR parties, MPs and organisations of the MVM Alliance about how to bring in fair votes. Our campaign is cross-party but we need the support of one of the two biggest parties to win PR. Crucially, the Labour Party membership is largely and increasingly supportive, with local parties and trade union backers calling for a change of policy.

But we need to seize this moment. We need to show this change has active public support so that it cannot be ignored by our most senior politicians. By taking part in Demand Democracy Day alongside hundreds of others, you will be proving that the time has come for fair votes. You will be lighting the way towards the only real solution to the dire state of UK politics.

+ What will happen on the day?

Each stall will be staffed by volunteers to hand out leaflets, talk to members of the public, and sign people up to our petition for Proportional Representation. The timings are up to the organisers - but we recommend running the stall for no more than a few hours - even doing it for just an hour is much better than nothing!

Stalls will be encouraged to hold a photocall at the end of their time, when supporters, members of the public - and maybe even politicians or celebrities - come together for a photo for sharing with local newspapers and on social media.

We will also be providing placards that can change any public dustbin into a First Past the Post ballot box - and suggesting how you can use these to engage the passersby and take some great photos!

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At the same time, we'll be working with public figures and cross-party politicians to draw as much national media attention as possible towards this mass action for fair votes.

+ How do I sign up?

If you are willing to volunteer in your local area, check the map and sign up! to a stall near you by contacting the stall holder.

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