Sign our open letter asking Jeremy Corbyn to support PR

Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party, has said he is open to a proportional electoral system, as long as it maintains a strong link between constituencies and the MPs who serve them. We will send the open letter below to Mr Corbyn to ask him to make explicit his support for an electoral system in which all votes count equally and parliamentary seats closely match vote share - and we invite you to add your name as a signatory of this letter.

The Labour Party's support could well be crucial for bringing in Proportional Representation. An alliance of pro-reform parties or a Labour majority government may be in a position to change the system immediately after the next election (which could potentially take place before 2020).

During the Labour leadership election and since he became leader, Jeremy Corbyn has emphasised the need for members and supporters to have a greater democratic say in the decisions of his party. Sign the letter to call on the Labour Leader to support similar democratic empowerment of all UK voters.