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Motion for the Labour Party to support Proportional Representation

This CLP/branch notes that:

  • The current first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system has given the Conservative Party a ten seat majority; 51% MPs on just 37% of the vote, and with the support of only 24% of the electorate.

  • Polls show there is overwhelming public support for proportional representation (PR), with 57-74% of voters supporting the idea that the number of seats a party gets should broadly reflect its proportion of the total votes cast.

  • The TUC is drawing up a report and the STUC have resolved to support a more proportional system for Westminster elections.

  • The Labour Party played a leading role in introducing proportional electoral systems to the UK’s devolved parliaments and assemblies in Scotland, Wales and London, and proportional electoral systems are in use in 87% of OECD countries, and across the rest of the world.

  • The Labour Party Constitution (specifically Clause IV, Pt. 2C) commits Labour, as a democratic socialist party, to supporting: "An Open Democracy, in which government is held to account by the people, decisions are taken as far as practicable by the communities they affect and where fundamental human rights are guaranteed."

This CLP/branch believes that:

  • FPTP has contributed to growing political disenchantment by producing low turnout, low registration, and outcomes unrelated to support, thereby undermining the legitimacy of the UK Parliament.

  • Concentrating resources on marginal seats and swing voters has damaged our appeal and encouraged us to take our core vote for granted.

  • The MP-constituency link is seen by many as a valuable part of our democracy and can be preserved in many proportional representation systems in use around the world and within the UK.

This CLP/branch therefore resolves:

  • To encourage Labour to reconsider its current policy on the voting system to elect MPs.

  • To support a 2020 Manifesto commitment to future  parliamentary elections being carried out using a proportional electoral system.

  • To enable the Labour Party in government to support the adoption of a more proportional system, possibly through the mechanism of a Constitutional Convention.