Challenging the Government: the story so far

May 2015

A petition signed by 477,000 people is delivered to No.10 Downing Street, calling for Proportional Representation.


June 2015

The Minister responsible for electoral policy, John Penrose MP, responds by conflating the 2011 Alternative Vote Referendum with a referendum on Proportional Representation, and rules out change to the electoral system.


March 2016

1,280 people write to John Penrose on behalf of the movement for real democracy, pointing out his error and asking for a meeting to discuss the way forward.


April 2016

John Penrose replies, conceding that AV is not PR, but continuing to rule out change, refusing to discuss the flaws of our current system, and refusing a meeting on the issue.


June 2016

8,683 people - including members of ten political parties - write to John Penrose to point out his failure to acknowledge, rebut, or respond to the problems caused by our unfair electoral system.


July 2016

John Penrose is removed from office as Minister responsible for electoral policy - and is replaced by Chris Skidmore MP. The new Minister responds to Make Votes Matter's letter, again ruling out change to the electoral system.


October 2016

Make Votes Matter writes to Theresa May and new Minister Chris Skidmore - calling on them to carry out a full, fair and open review of the voting system responsible for the most disproportionate Parliament in history - in a letter signed by 10,267 people.


Make Votes Matter will respond in a new open letter