Caroline Lucas's Bill to introduce PR

On Wednesday 20th July, Caroline Lucas - Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion - put before Parliament a Ten Minute Rule Bill to introduce Proportional Representation for UK General Elections.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to or lobbied their MP to support this Bill and who has taken action to win fair votes. The result was a massive increase in the number of MPs voting for PR, when compared to the last attempt in December 2015. 

Unfortunately, the motion was still narrowly defeated 74 - 81. The full division can be found here.

There is now unprecedented public support for the principle of a proportional electoral system in which seats match votes. Five of the seven largest parties are committed to PR, and senior MPs from every part of the Labour Party are coming out in support. The tide is turning on our broken democratic system.

A very special thank you to all the MPs who did a great service to democracy by voting for Caroline's Bill.

Watch Caroline propose the Bill to Parliament (Electoral Reform Society).

Watch John Penrose argue against having a Parliament that reflects the people it governs.