About Us

Make Votes Matter is the cross-party campaign to introduce Proportional Representation to the House of Commons, led by democratically-organised activists in a united movement for electoral reform. We believe that the time for PR is now, with the vast majority of the public and five and a half parliamentary parties in favour, an unstoppable Alliance is growing... This is the story of our movement.

In May 2015, we had the most disproportionate general election in British history. In this election the Conservatives won 37% of the votes but ended up with 52% of the seats in parliament and absolute power. UKIP, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats won ¼ of the votes cast but ended up with just 10 MPs - 1.5% between them. The Electoral Reform Society calculated that 74% of votes cast were ‘wasted’ and did not contribute in any way to the final result. To find out more about the case for PR, see here

Millions of people realised that our voting system, First Past the Post (FPTP), fails to accurately represent the wishes of the people. This fuelled a hunger for change and a massive surge in support for a new voting system. Almost half a million people signed petitions calling for a new voting system in the days following the election. A group of activists came together, determined to carry on the momentum of the petitions and re-energise the campaign for Proportional Representation. This loose collective was made up of seasoned activists alongside volunteers that had never been engaged in politics before and eventually evolved to become Make Votes Matter.